Be an Earnest Ernie with your Las Vegas Bankruptcy Attorneys

Being an “Earnest Ernie” means don’t hold back any information from your bankruptcy lawyer. We can help you the most only if you fully disclose all the necessary information. And if you withhold information, you risk hurting yourself more in the long run.

The decision to file for bankruptcy is never an easy one, and we know that people aren’t usually feeling so good about themselves when they sit down with their lawyer. Maybe you’re embarrased about some decisions you made. Maybe you’re just scared of losing something particularly valuable or meaningful to you.

But it’s important to remember that your bankruptcy lawyer is on your side. You’re paying us to be your advocate. You have attorney client privilege, so we have to keep your private information private. And if your bankruptcy lawyer is highly experienced (as we are), then we’re going to do everything we can to come up with the best strategy for you. But to come up with the optimum strategy, we need to be able to see all the pieces on the board.

The other reason to always practice full disclosure is that withholding key information can invalidate your bankruptcy case, or worse, result in jail time. The 2005 bankruptcy law is tough in this regard. Additionally, it requires bankruptcy lawyers to make reasonable investigation into the statements of our clients. If we don’t ask the questions and make a reasonable effort to make sure you’re telling the truth, then we can be subject to fines and liability.

Lots of people need Las Vegas bankruptcy help these days. So if you retain a bankruptcy attorney in Las Vegas, do yourself a favor and remember:

Be an “Earnest Ernie” and make sure to disclose everything to your bankruptcy attorney.

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