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When you feel you are at the end of the road, struggling financially and no one seems to care. Freedom Law is here to help. We stand with our clients who are struggling to get out of debt, face foreclosure, car repossessions and stressful financial situations that seem to go on forever. It is our strong belief that everyone deserves a second chance at a clean slate. This drives us to work hard to help you achieve the financial freedom you have been aiming for. We will walk with you during the Chapter 7, Chapter 13, or small business bankruptcy process.



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Bankruptcy is an opportunity to start anew, contrary to the negative connotations and stigma surrounding Bankruptcy. If your debts have become a burden on you, and caused you to lose control over your ability to pay them while still meeting your daily expenses – now is the time to speak with one of our experienced Summerlin bankruptcy attorneys. You don’t have to be alone in your financial struggles. Our Attorneys are available to listen and offer their best advice, including a Free Initial Consultation in one of our Southern Nevada locations. Bankruptcy is a complicated legal process, and you should have a legal professional guiding you through it.


A major decision and a step towards a better life

You want out of your current financial situation. The options are lined up before you, and bankruptcy might be one of them. But it is never easy to make a decision leading to a major step that will impact your current and future life.
If you are unsure of the next step you need to take to have control over your finances and debts, contact our Southern Nevada bankruptcy attorneys to set up a free consultation at 702-935-2618 or send us an email today.

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    Chapter 7


    The debt discharge received under Chapter 7 bankruptcy is known to be the quickest, easiest, and most comprehensive debt relief allowed under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code. However, filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy without the assistance of an experienced bankruptcy attorney might be challenging for you.

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    Chapter 13


    Depending on your financial circumstances, Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be a better option for you than Chapter 7. In Chapter 13, while you are paying a portion of your debts, you can be provided immediate relief from your creditors that never stop bothering you. It can also be used to payoff past-due mortgage arrears.


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