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We are one of the most experienced consumer law firms in Las Vegas. We’ve helped thousands of people, just like you, improve their financial situation, and move on with their lives.

During your financial recovery, experience matter more than you may ever know. At Freedom Law Firm, we offer bankruptcy, foreclosure & short sale solutions, credit or harassment solutions, and loan modifications. Everyone’s situation is different…So unlike some other law firms in Las Vegas who deceptively advertise “cheap bankruptcies”, tell you that bankruptcy is your only option, and who you may never hear from again after you leave their office, we are there for you and your family throughout your entire financial recovery, and will find the best possible solution for you based on your specific situation. Again, we have helped thousands of Nevadans like you get out of debt, and because this is our law firm’s entire focus, our experience enables us to be the best at what we do. Feel free to read some testimonials from other Nevadans whos lives we’ve changed.


A good bankruptcy law firm understands what you are dealing with in your day-to-day lives, and because of our strong experience, we have the awareness and understanding to effectively work with people like you who face a stressful life situation. We recognize that the legal process is just ONE part of the entire process. We know that whether you file for bankruptcy in Las Vegas or choose one of your many foreclosure options, getting you back on your feet will make you feel like a new person.

Unlike some other law firms, we don’t treat our clients like cogs in a system. Everyone’s situation is different, and we make sure you get every right to which you’re entitled under the law. We keep our eyes open for every legal advantage available to you, and that’s what helps makes us the best consumer lawyers in Las Vegas.

There is no charge for coming in and sitting down with us at Freedom Law Firm. You’ll have a chance to talk through your entire situation, review your financials with us, explain your goals and learn about all your legal options. Additionally, you can fill out this simple online questionnaire before you come to help us better help you and to get a better sense of the kind of information you’ll need to provide. We’ll hold your hand through the process.

Whether it’s chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy, foreclosure, short sale, loan modifications, or dealing with abusive creditors, we know the process can seem intimidating. Don’t worry – thanks to the law, you have a lot of options. At Freedom Law Firm, we will walk you through the entire, process, and we’re the ones who will deal with all the details on your behalf. We’ll make sure you’re 100% comfortable with every step along the way. We’re on top of the changing bankruptcy landscape.

Regarding bankruptcy in Las Vegas, The 2005 bankruptcy law brought new requirements for debtors, but also new opportunities. We always know about the latest developments in bankruptcy laws and make sure you get the benefit of our knowledge. The bankruptcy laws were created to help people just like you who are in financial trouble, and if bankruptcy is the right option for you, then our goal is to make these laws work for you.

We are fast and efficient with all aspects of consumer law in Las Vegas. Let’s use bankruptcy as an example; if bankruptcy does turn out to be the right option for you, then the moment your petition is filed with the court, is the moment that you start getting protection from creditors. From the time you decide to let us help you and provide us with all the documents we need, you’ll likely sign your bankruptcy petition in less than a week and we’ll file your bankruptcy petition with the court (electronically) within a week of your signing. We are also extremely efficient with the foreclosure, short sale, or loan modification process, and dealing with abusive creditors.
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