Bankruptcy Attorney Testimonials

We can tell you we’ve helped thousands of people like you, but we thought it would be helpful to share the words of some of our many clients who were extremely pleased with our ability to help them. The words come directly from the notes, cards and e-mails our clients sent us to express their appreciation.

Hello George, This is amazing information. Thank you so much for your assistance and handling on this matter!! There's no words to express our gratitude. We look forward to working with you again.


Thank you! It’s been a stressful trek, I’m glad that it will be over soon. I have greatly appreciated your assistance, it helped easy my mind to a great extent. If anyone asks me for a BK attorney, I’ll be sure to recommend you.

Glenn M

I really want to say George you and your team have just been amazing through this process!! You all have surpassed what I expected from a firm and this experience! You have been honest and true to your word thought the process you have always been responsive and guided me through the process and I cannot thank you guys enough!


George, I got the Bankruptcy discharge today and wanted to thank you and your firm for this most trying situation and for your patience with me. I will be in contact in 90 days to follow-up with my credit reports. Thank you again George if will definitely recommend your firm.

John T. Harris

That is really great! We can't thank you and your staff enough for giving us our life back after everything that has happened in the past couple of years. We are so glad to have met you and appreciate the time and effort you have put into our situation. Thank you, again, for everything!

John S.

Thank you so much...cannot tell you how pleased I am with your and your team have been so helpful to me through this. I will sleep better tonight. I'm so glad I picked you.

Greg B.

Dear Mr. Haines,
Thanks you so much for what you and your staff have done for me. This is the greatest news ever, especially about my 2nd being wiped out after my bankruptcy discharge. Does this mean there will not be a mediation meeting on the 19th? Do I make an appointment with you before the 19th to go over this trial modification and bankruptcy? I am so relieved and most thankful - almost as if a ton of bricks have been lifted off my shoulders. I printed the Trial Modification attachment. Please advise how soon I need to come and see you.

Georgiana Winden

Thanks for all your help. I have not received another call or email from them, (Thank Gahd,) since you guys took over. I can’t thank your team enough for taking some stress of my plate.

Marshall Z.

Thank you so much for what you were able to accomplish with Wells Fargo and my credit report. ‰Add working miracles to your list of achievements!‰

Cynthia S.

I want to thank you both once again for all your gracious assistance throughout this phase of my case. You not only do your jobs incredibly well…..but with the utmost professionalism and true kindness! I will always be grateful for you helping me to get my life back on track and enhancing it’s quality in more ways than I have true words for!

Paris M.

Once again, thank you for all of your help, you really have went above and beyond in assisting us.

Jesse & Tammy L.

I'm very close to getting my CH13 discharge! YEA! I would like to thank you and your staff again for outstanding help and assistance through my CH13.

Walter Adler

Well Mr. Haines I know we are in good hands with you. Thank you so much for your efforts and time on our complicated case. Words can't express the gratitude we feel for your time and efforts.


"You and your staff never let me down and were supportive EVERY step of the way. What I thought would be 5 to 7 years of my life ended up being 2...because of your challenges and wonderful legal skills. It was a tight and rough 2 years but it taught me the necessary discipline and allowed me to prove I could live on a realistic budget....learn to focus on absolute to live without what I truly did not need, which in turn helped me appreciate all that I had that much more."

Cynthia S.

Thank you. Your support throughout this process has been both a comfort and a blessing. We appreciate you!


I am so happy today. I could start a new life and not go through it ever again !!! Thanks a million to Freedom Law Firm for all your help. God Bless You All!!!

Maria L.

Those debt collectors were unreal! ‰I'm so glad I have you guys in my corner‰!!

Amy A.

Thank you so much and I really appreciate all the help your firm has provided during my financial issues.‰

Debbie G.

I must tell you with the help your office gave us thru a chapter 13 we are actually now buying a house! We are very excite We can not thank you enough for helping us!

Gene S.

George, thank you for all your help these last few years. Things so far have been pretty painless, short of my ego. I hope all the best for you, thank you again.

Audrey A.

George, I really appreciate your kindness and generosity in handling our BK, loan mod attempt, and eventual short sale! You made it incredibly cheap for me and I have nothing but good things to say about you all. Thank you! A weight has been lifted.

Michael V.

Good afternoon Chris, Lita and I would like to express a sincere ‰ÛÏThank You‰Û to you and to Cathy Brown for all the hard work you have performed for us. We will continue to maintain a clean and current record with the assigned Trustee and when needed, with your office. We greatly appreciate everything you have done to ease our life. Thank you and Cathy again and should you need anything, please don‰Ûªt hesitate asking.

Jim & Lita R.

My appointment with George Haines is going to change my life! Thanks and I‰Ûªm so glad I chose your firm.

A Valuable Client

I feel your firm made an excellent effort on my behalf, so I am sending this e-mail to personally thank you for all your kindness and consideration.

Russ W.

Thank you so much for getting our vehicle back for us!!

Russell M. and Samuel E.

George, Thank you for the way you respond to my e-mails. It has shown us that you are true to your word. You said you would e-mail me with any help we needed and so far you have. Thanks again. We fee a lot safer now that we retained you.

Charles and Linda K.

I appreciate your assistance throughout this entire process. Your office has been responsive and courteous from day one, which is why I have recommended you to several people, and will continue to do so!

Allison T.

I am aware of the good fortune found in choosing Freedom Law Firm to represent me. It was during the initial discernment process when reviewing law offices to accept and manage my case that I felt Freedom Law Firm was the right way to go.

Bruce F.

Thank you for your quick responses! You have relieved a great deal of stress and I want to say Thank You! I have heard so many horror stories regarding people‰Ûªs bankruptcy cases. I have referred four of my friends and will continue to make referrals. Thank you again and have a blessed day.

Angela B.

Dear Haines, I would like to give out your email to other people looking to loan mod. because you have a very awesome calming effect and there is no stress with you. We love,love,love talking too you! Thank you and we will see you soon!

Randy & Angela K.

George, Thank you for your prompt attention, my wife and I appreciate the confidence you‰Ûªve instilled in our situation.

Bob I.

Dear Mr. Haines, I am just dropping you a note to tell you how pleased I am with your office. Everyone from the girls at the desk to the attorneys I have dealt with have been top shelf! Sitting in the court room today and watching how other attorneys messed up their clients cases made me thank God for choosing you and your people. I will recommend you to everyone I know and if ever asked ‰ÛÏDo you know a good attorney‰Û, I have the perfect answer! Thank you again for all your personal service and making the worst time of my life easy and hassle free. You just can‰Ûªt know how good that feels! Thank you from the bottom of my heart,

Catelyn P.

I felt compelled to tell you that after a few short meetings with you and your staff at your firm, my wife and I have every confidence that you will get us where we need to be. We have not slept for months and were up in the middle of the night EVERY NIGHT. Since we met with you, Joel, Eric, and Mervin, we have a clear understanding of the process for Chapter 13 and Loan Modification. Any questions we did not think of during the meeting was subsequently answered almost immediately by phone or email.

Robert R.

You really ARE the best!

Jan S.

George, I Don‰Ûªt Quite Know Where To Begin In Thanking You For Your Services; Your Professionalism Has Truly Shown In This Mess.

Casey Z.

I spoke to Candace yesterday at my Creditors‰Ûª/Trustee meeting and expressed my appreciation for her being there for me. Now I would like to thank the Freedom Law Firm staff. The bankruptcy ordeal is quite intense and lends to a feelings of defeat and displacement. You all gave me comfort and security knowing that you were there for me in following the legal process and answering my bone head questions. A Big Thank you!

Clara D.

Thank you and all your staff for being so patient and helpful through this whole process, anyone that attempts a Chapter 13 without expert help like you all provided is an idiot!

Carl P.

George, many thanks to you and your team for assisting me in converting my Chapter 13 to a Chapter 7. The hearing on Friday went well, and your representative was punctual and very professional.

Frank S.

My name is Thomas M. My wife and I retained your law services back in January 2010. We went for a chapter 7 bankruptcy and was able to complete one thanks to you and your very knowledgeable staff. I want to personally thank you for the smooth experience.

Dr. Thomas M.

Chant̬, Just wanted you to know how very sorry I am for any aggrevation I may have caused you! You have been wonderful & have a Merry Christmas.

Wanda & Gabe S.

I truly appreciate the time you have taken so far to answer my questions. You have been very helpful and honest and as afraid as I am to take this step, I am confident we will be in very good hands with you and your firm.

Valerie T.

Thank you so-much for your representation this afternoon in regards to our mediation with One West Bank. It was mentioned today but I just want to state it again: the professionalism you, George and your staff have demonstrated this past year has been very much appreciated and it has certainly made all the difference in making a very stressful (not to mention difficult) situation ‰ÛÏbearable‰Û. Please know how much we appreciate you, George and your staff for all the hard work exerted on our behalf.å

Andy & Tiffany L.

First we would like to thank you and everyone at Freedom Law Firm for all the professional and effective assistance with our Bankruptcy. We have recently concluded our meeting of creditors with the Trustee and are relieved to have this unfortunate part of our lives behind us. This has been a challenging part of our lives and we are glad to put this behind us, but your team at Freedom Law Firm has been great making everything turns out well in the end, for that, you all have our great appreciation.

Kirk and Amanda G.

Your office is ‰Ûactually‰Û there to help us. Ive heard about other offices only there to take your money and not really help out with anything else. So I will refer you guys to anyone else who needs to file.

Jason D.

My wife and I started looking for a good bankruptcy lawyer in the beginning of 2010. We went to 3 different lawyers and when we walked out of their office we felt like we were a just another dollar sign to them. They made us feel like we didn‰Ûªt matter only what mattered was them making money. We finally decided on taking one more chance and went to your office (Freedom Law Firm) and met with George Haines who immediately made us feel very comfortable. He explained things to us and let us ask questions and when we left my wife and I knew this was the right choice‰Û_ Well, everything finally came to an end this past week and meeting with your paralegal, Rose Marie Randazzo, we felt like we were at home and could finally relax that this bankruptcy was finalized. This was never our intention in life to go through this process but having you as our lawyers made us feel good and confident that through every step of the way we would be in good hands. Thank you for your assistance through this mess and also for your knowledge as well as caring for your clients. We appreciate your help and knowing that you are there for us no matter what. I am going to highly recommend your office to anyone that is in need of your services. Again, THANK YOU!

Robert A.

My wife and I met with Shonda to work on our Chapter 7 on Monday, November 15th. Shonda called in advance to make sure we had all our paperwork, and greeted us promptly at our appointment time. She was very pleasant and professional- you wouldn't know how busy you all are except for the document boxes ready for the mailman by the receptionist. She took the time to put us at ease, answered all our questions, and made us feel like we were dealing with an expert- which of course we were. When it came time for the attorney review there wasn‰Ûªt much to ask, we already had the majority of our questions answered. We never felt hurried, and she took the time to make sure we got all the necessary information in the package. Shonda deserves a good deal of credit for her skill, and you do as well for picking such a fine employee. I hope we never have to come back (for a bankruptcy!), but if we do I wouldn‰Ûªt hesitate to use Freedom Law Firm again.


We are so grateful for your help, support and patience through this process with us. Your professionalism and guidance made a difficult decision the most sensible one. You have given our family a new beginning.

Robert & Gale R.

Thank you George for all your assistance. We really do appreciate you and your office for helping us through this difficult time.


My name is Lisa K. and I filed bankruptcy last year and I went with your firm. You did such a wonderful job and thank you.

Lisa K.

Thanks again for seeing my wife and I today. We were impressed with your professionalism and desire to help us.


Just wanted to thank you for your kindness and concern regarding our situation. We felt very comfortable from the moment we walked into your office. Stephen Tully and his father were wonderful explaining everything in terms we could understand. He was very patient with us in filling out the paperwork‰Û_ I feel very confident your staff will do everything possible to help us no matter what course of direction we have to take. We will highly recommend your office to anyone needing your services.

Madeline S.

I just wanted to let you know that my mortgage mod has entered it‰Ûªs final stages, and it looks like after a long and difficult process, success is in sight. I just wanted to thank you. My modification is being handled by Valerie Vierra, and I wanted you to know what a great job she has done. She has worked her tail off dealing with Indy Mac‰Û_ Both my mom and I are very grateful to her for the extra mile attitude she has, and I will be recommending her to all my co workers‰Û_ You guys are the best law firm in town‰Û_

Les C.

Thank you so-much for your concise and detailed explanation of the process‰Û_ It reaffirms our decision to hire your law firm as indeed the right one!


I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge two members of your Loan Modification Division, Lisa Easterling and Steve Edwards, for their professional courtesy and integrity as well as the way they were able to expedite my Loan Modification. Lisa and Steve are exemplary employees and valuable assets to your firm.

Barbara O.

Thanks to you and all of the legal staff at Freedom Law Firm. The process went as promised and we can now get on with our lives. Everyone was a true professional and is much appreciated‰Û_ Again, thanks for helping us through this difficult process.

Norm B.

We are so grateful and would like to express our utmost appreciation to all your dedicated hard work and persistence that we were able to achieve success to have our loan modified. Specifically, we truly believe that your professional care, reliability & integrity standards in preparing proper documents, updates and adequate follow-up actions were instrumental to have our loan modified by the lender, BofA. We would also like to thank Freedom Law Firm Loan Modification Services for their help and support throughout the loan modification process.

Rosanna M.

Thank you so very much for all of your time, energy and caring during the past year. You have helped us to keep our beautiful home and there are no words that can truly express how thankful we are that we had you working our loan modification. Please know how happy we are to have met you!

Debbie F.

We would like to thank you for your professionalism during this stressful time in our lives. I have referred six people to your firm. I only wished that I would have recommended them all to you! Your work ethic and attitude are a breath of fresh air.

Mike A.

I would like an opportunity to commend the professional, courteous service provided by Shuchi and Eric. They have been attentive and informative, in a timely manner, about my Chapter 13 bankruptcy proceedings. Any questions or concerns I‰Ûªve posed have been expediently addressed.

Tony F.

Hey Chaunte, Thank you and Freedom Law Firm for the flawless transition on this event in my life. Life deals you a journey and its nice there is reputable legal counsel to fall back on in times such as these. The process from beginning to end was very pleasant. Will supply the firm with the tax docs for submission.

Cheryl D.

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you & your staff for all of your help thus far with our bankruptcy. This has been an extremely trying time in both of our lives & we are very grateful for your services & pleased that we have chosen your firm.

Kelly T.

Thank you for being a huge reason for me having a better life. a life that I have every intention of implementing all that I have learned through this process forever more.

Cynthia S.

George, again, I would like to thank you for helping us the other night. You have no idea what you did for us.

Mark & Stephanie S.

Bev and myself want to thank you and your office for all the support you have given us throughout the entire case. Thanks again for the information. It puts us both at a better state of mind.

Ken S.

Your firm has been great, by the way. I made the right choice going with Freedom Law Firm.

George S.

Great news, we are so happy to finally have it behind us. Thank you for being so prompt in responding to us all those times when we had questions and please thank George Haines for his efforts in getting this finalized. Also thanks to everyone at the firm that helped get us through this

Gary H.

Thanks so much George, I feel so comfortable with you would recommend you to anyone I know.

Kim B.

To the Freedom Law Firm team, Just wanted to let you all know what a fine job Freedom Law Firm did in handling my bankruptcy case. I was very impressed with the professionalism of your staff and their knowledgeability. I was also impressed with the computer networking system you had set up so that any computer could essentially retrieve the information required without a staff person having to go to another office to retrieve data. Along those same lines, you have a very efficient method for clients when they bring documents in. Those documents can be scanned at the front desk and immediately go into the case file for all those who need that information. I want to personally thank the people who handled my case: Frank Sposato Raynette Mundon Cheyennea West Peter Aldous Stephanie Rucker Brain Boyer The Front Desk staff There may have been others who I did not have the chance to meet personally, and to all of you, thank you very much! Freedom Law Firm really took a lot of the pressure off during my case, and did it without a hitch or any surprises. Best regards,

Thomas R.

Dear George: We received our Bankruptcy Discharge Document today. We want to thank both of you so very much for everything you and your associates have done for us. Your firm has been great through this process. Sincerely,

Will T.

Hello George. How are you? George, I don‰Ûªt have enough thank you for you for all you have done for me. I will always remember those difficult days with this bankruptcy you always stood with me. I appreciate your kindness and help on this process. I was hoping that this didn‰Ûªt happen to me, but I am not scared since I have such a wonderful lawyer. Again thank you, because of you, I am now a free person again!

Gashaw H.

Thank you again so much. I am in tears because you really have helped us so much in answering all of our questions. You have made us feel at ease. We are so happy that we chose Freedom Law Firm to represent us in this difficult time of our lives. From the very beginning it has been a positive experience. The staff has been wonderful and very helpful. If your firm ever needs a testimony please let us know. I will be recommending Freedom Law Firm to anyone who is in need. Thanks again. Be blessed today and always.

Don & Mary V.

What a relief! Thanks for getting back to me so soon, now I really can enjoy Thanksgiving. Happy Holidays to you and yours.

Will C.

This is great news. So just so I‰Ûªve read this correctly we no longer have to send payments to the trustee :). Do we need to do anything further with your office? We are free and clear now? This is the best Christmas gift Mr. Haines could of gave my family thanks so much!!!

Melissa G.

We have 8 payments left I believe, and the Student Loan will be paid off. I am so happy! Thanks again for all your help.

Heidi C.

I‰Ûªd also like to tell you how great Mr. Boyer was. He treated me with respect and also gave a great first impression. When I saw some of the other attorneys representing clients, I couldn‰Ûªt believe it. Very disrespectful. Mr Boyer had on a well fitting suit and tie and looked very professional. Thank you for sending someone who made a great first impression.Thank you. Regards,

Lynda L.

Thank You! George you don‰Ûªt know how grateful we are, you came through for us and won‰Ûªt forget it. We didn‰Ûªt know what we were going to do, you are a good man!!! Again thanks so very, very much.

Charles K.

Happy Thanksgiving to all at Freedom Law Firm, especially who has always been a real gentleman. Sincerely,

Pat & Ray

Thank You! You guys are the best! If I run into anyone else that needs help, I will send them your way.

Mike K.

Good morning Mr. Frankl, I, (Liz), just left you a voicemail message to say, THANK YOU for responding to our email so quickly this morning that we sent Sunday, March 17, 2013, to  re: our 2012 Tax Return. Robert and I really appreciated the details that you have provided to us regarding this DIRECTIVE letter that we received on Saturday afternoon, March 16, 2013. Also, thank you for providing us with your contact information at Freedom Law Firm, just in case we receive any additional correspondence from our TRUSTEE, K. A. Leavitt's office requesting information. Please know that you have put our minds at ease after reading your email THANK YOU again for taking the time to explain everything to us, in detail, in your email. We hope we will not need to contact you in the future, but just in case we do, we are glad to know you are there for us to guide us through the process when our TRUSTEE requires additional information. So glad we selected Freedom Law Firm to represent us and handle this matter for us when we started the BK process back in November 2009! Everyone at Freedom Law Firm is a pleasure to work with whenever we have our questions and are looking for detailed answers! Have a wonderful day Mr. Frankl. Thank you!

A Valued Client

Good morning Mr. Haines, I met with you about 2 weeks ago for a consultation on bankruptcy. After meeting with you and 2 other attorneys, my husband and I have decided to retain you for our bankruptcy. You were the only attorney who didn‰Ûªt make me feel rushed and who had additional information about bankruptcy to help me. Also you had the most affordable price.

Ayesha G.

I can' t express how appreciative I am for the assistance you and your office provided to me regarding my chapter 13 case. From day one, I was very impressed with how quickly you always responded to my emails and questions. You made an uncomfortable financial situation easier to deal with. Everyone I dealt with was great. Thank you again for giving me a fresh start and the ability to stay in the home I absolutely love.

Lori T.

Thanks, George, that‰Ûªs one thing off my mind. Thanks for all your help. You and your firm are wonderful.

Sandi W.

George, Separate from the group emails I would like to personally thank you for your diligence in handling my/our financial woes in the professional manner in which you have. I am so happy with my decision to have your firm represent me. Happy New Year to all at Freedom Law Firm. Most sincerely,

Curt J.

Dear George, Your kindness was and has been greatly appreciated. I will never forget you and your staff. Because of lawyers such as yourself, persons like myself are able to stand on their feet during these trying times. Thanks.

Sandra L.

Hi I'm sure you won't remember me as you have so very many clients. But, below is a recent article regarding the person who caused me to have to file for bankruptcy about 3 years ago along with another crook named (name removed). I remember telling you the first time I met with you in your office that I was afraid this person who assisted in the financing of our home on 90 myrtle beach drive was part of the mob and I was very afraid he might do something bad to me or my family if I tried to file bankruptcy on our home ‰ÛÒ and I just recently found I wasn‰Ûªt far from wrong. I remember you telling me not to worry and that you were very good at what you do and would make sure this person could not come back to haunt me. You were SO right and are VERY good at what you do, and even though it‰Ûªs been a few years, I wanted to thank you and let you know how appreciative I am. Below is a recent article I found on-line where (name removed) is now probably in jail for the rest of his life. At least he can not do to others what happened to us. I refer your name often every chance I get to people here at work who mention to me that they are in financial duress ‰ÛÒ and I‰Ûªm looking forward to getting my case over with even tho‰Ûª I still have a few years to go.

Vicki M.

George, Thank you for the information we received today and for your help, candor, guidance and patience throughout these proceedings. Your team has done a great service for us and we truly appreciate everything. Lynnette and I look forward to hearing from and working with your team in the future.

Lloyd A.

Thank you all for everything you have done. I know it‰Ûªs been an extremely long process and you guys have always been there to help us through it. You and your families have a safe and happy New Years! Thank you!!

Chris & Christina M.

Dear George Haines, Thank you so much for your assistance. You have lifted a burden from our shoulders. We look forward to seeing you in April. Again, Thank you so much!

Larry & Deborah G.

Mr. Haines, I wanted to take a minute to send a note complimenting you and your staff and very specifically Mr. Boyer on their communication, empathy, tenacity and overall professionalism. We are thrilled with your group and sincerely thank you for all the support provided to us for the past several years through our Bankruptcy as well as our Loan Modification. We never thought we would find ourselves in the position we were in but when we did, our decision to work with your firm was one of the best life altering decisions we have ever made. Thank You again so much. WE would highly recommend your firm to anyone who wanted to get value and results for the money spent.

Bob and Marti R.

Gentlemen, Exhaling as we speak! In fact, I think this calls for a drink (even if it is a school night). Seriously, thank you for everything! From all the work you both did on our mediation against One West Bank straight through the Chapter 13 legal hurdles, we can‰Ûªt thank you enough for maintaining the utmost professionalism (even when we did not). When all our hope was gone, you calmed us down, re-evaluated the situation and changed the approach to find another way. You truly perform a thankless job spending all hours of the day and night dealing with clients and we THANK YOU for keeping our best interest at heart even when it came right down to costing your firm financially. That is a true sign of character that is rarely seen in this world anymore and I want you both to know that Tiffany as well as myself dearly appreciate all the tireless efforts exerted on our behalf. You helped us save our home and then reduced our overall debt so we could breathe again. Our house payment used to be: $2200.00 per month (both mortgages) ‰ÛÓ now, $1090.00 (now only one mortgage). Our monthly bills paid to unsecured creditors: over $900.00 per month ‰ÛÓ now, $150.00 (through chapter 13). Be proud gentlemen, be proud! All I can say to sum up all that your law firm is: Freedom Law Firm: representing the law through integrity and compassion while upholding a clients dignity. Thanks again‰Û_Merry Christmas! Best Regards,

Andy & Tiffany

I really want to thank you for our appointment today. I feel better talking with you and what will happen and what is expected. You were very patient and spent so much time answering all of our questions and I appreciate it.


You are all wonderful and I‰Ûªm very happy that I came to you. You always help me and you have done a great job.

Donna A.

Dear George: Just wanted to take a minute to commend you on your employee Marissa Szabo. In the past couple of months we have been harassed by collection companies threatening to send court personnel to our home and place of employment on debts that are included in our bankruptcy. Marissa has been just outstanding with contacting these creditors, conversing with them and sending them back up paperwork with regards to the collections and creditors. Not only was she on top of them but gave me the comfort and assurance that I needed each time I would receive a call.

Barb F.

Thank you so much for your fast response to my request. Your superb customer service is greatly appreciated!

Neil L.

I wanted to extend a thank you for your part in expediting our money. I believe without your help we would have been delayed much longer. You are a patient and kind man much like my husband and both of you were instrumental in keeping me grounded, as it were, as much as that was possible.

Wanda S.

I want to thank you again for all your help; you‰Ûªve been most gracious and kind (especially with all my emailing of late!). We appreciate your compassion and concern in helping us through this ugly chapter of our lives. We have an offer on the house/short sale, and are looking forward to a new beginning in 2014.

Cathy D.

I just wanted to make sure you know how grateful we are for this chance at our age to basically start over. I didn‰Ûªt know what to say at the time and greatly appreciate all your hard work.

Robert N.

I would like to thank you for all you have done, we are ready to move on with our life and begin anew. Appreciate all the time and effort you and your team have provided in this matter.

Jon A.

Thank you so much for the information and yes, we have received the discharge. Freedom Law Firm was outstanding in your representation and explanation of all facets of this case.

Carl B.

I just wanted to thank you for answering my wife and I‰Ûªs emails. Even after our bankruptcy (2 or 3 years ago). You guys have always answered any and all questions we have had instead of blowing us off. My wife and I are very thankful we chose your firm to handle our bankruptcy because of the care which you guys have displayed. This is what separates your firm from everyone else. So thank you guys and have a blessed and prosperous 2014.

Steve Y.

You guys made my life wonderful. I owe you guys my life and future of my kids. I can‰Ûªt thank you enough. May the good god bless you with your kindness help to people like us.

Orville F.

Thank you Sr., for everything. You and your office have been outstanding! Just wanted you to know that we know all the work you‰Ûªve put in and we appreciate it very much.

Al S.

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