Can You Clear Medical Debt in Bankruptcy?

Medical debt is never something you are fully prepared for or truly expect. You may have a good health insurance and still end up in a challenging situation. When a medical emergency hits your household, the obvious option is to use any financial resources you may have in order to keep your health and that […]

Improving Your Credit Score After Bankruptcy

You may believe that bankruptcy will pose issues for you especially in your credit score.  Unknowingly, this belief can be reversed if you know how to handle post bankruptcy life as this will be your chance for a fresh start and for your credit score to improve. What is a Credit Score? You may be […]

LGBTQ+Community and Finances

Just like you and me, who seem so solid about our gender and sexuality preferences, people that belong to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and other queer individuals community also have debts and apply for bankruptcy.  They are no different from us despite their unique preferences, needs, wants and desires which may have led them […]