5 Ways to Save Money and Keep Yourself Out of Bankruptcy

Most people who consider filing a Chapter 7 Las Vegas bankruptcy already have debt problems that require a professional’s help. However, there are ways people can cut costs here and there that can really add up. Here are five examples:

(1) Buying brand name products when generics will do. Brand name literally sells just that: a name. If you’re trying to curtail excessive spending, switching to a generic equivalent can save quite a bit of cash. The best situation in which to do this is where Americans spend most for brand: prescription drugs. Generic drugs are identical to their branded equivalents, which is why drug companies spend so much on advertising now—they don’t want consumers to realize they have alternatives.

(2) Eating out too much. Restaurant spending can quickly cut into your budget, especially because eating out is such a relief from cooking all the time. That said, even taking leftovers home is more expensive than staying in.

(3) Not changing vices and bad habits. It’s hard to quit smoking, but the cost of tobacco adds little benefit and increases the likelihood of reducing your long term health. Frequent alcohol consumption is also a bad habit because it can lower your inhibitions to make you want to drink (and sometimes smoke) more. Gambling is also a money suck, and not just slots and high stakes poker. It’s the small stuff that gets you, especially lotteries, which state governments use to supplement their revenues. The odds of winning the lottery are so terrible, the tickets are worthless.

(4) Overpaying for insurance. Many people pay high premiums to insure themselves from situations in which they won’t file a claim. Avoid buying policies with low deductibles. They might make you feel more secure, but if you won’t report an accident involving slightly higher amounts of damage, the premium was wasted.

(5) Paying for unneeded services. One of the problems with the 21st century is the large number of services for people to subscribe to. Cell phones come with confusing plans, unlimited texting options for people who don’t text, and Internet access for those who might not use it. Curbing these options will save you money on your monthly bill. Another service to get rid of is cable television, now that the Internet streams many good shows for less and occasionally for free.

Saving money doesn’t always help, and when a family member loses a job or suffers an illness, getting your finances in order can be a daunting process. Consulting with a financial planner, tax planner, or a Las Vegas bankruptcy lawyer can help you get a handle on your changed circumstances.

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