Bankruptcy Law Firm In Las Vegas

Freedom Law Firm practices exclusively in consumer bankruptcy law in Las Vegas, Nevada.  It is Board Certified Consumer Bankruptcy Attorney and has handled 1000’s of personal bankruptcies with emphasis on chapter 13 Bankruptcies.  Through chapter 13 Bankruptcy our firm has helped clients stop debt collections, “strip off” or eliminate burdensome second and third mortgages and help client’s cure defaults on their existing first mortgages.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy law can also help restructure IRS debt as well as eliminate many other unsecured debts including costly student loans in many instances.  We may also be able to assist with filing your chapter 7 bankruptcy case.

Through chapter 7 most debts may be eliminated.  Our firm however limits its practice to personal bankruptcies in chapter 7 or chapter 13.  This way we can focus providing you THE BEST bankruptcy lawyers in the work.  We will work hard to help stop your home from being foreclosed on.  Our multiple Las Vegas Bankruptcy Law Firm offices make it easy for you to locate and get help from our Bankruptcy Law firm.

For a free consultation or if you need any assistance from Las Vegas Bankruptcy Attorneys, or have questions about Las Vegas Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, or Las Vegas Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, or Las Vegas Debt Settlement, please call the offices of Freedom Law Firm at 702-903-1208 today.

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