Bankruptcy Won’t Stop Las Vegas Nightclubs

You’ve probably never heard of Prive Las Vegas or The Living Room, two of Las Vegas’ most popular clubs. You’ve also probably never danced on a tabletop or enjoyed jello shots off of strangers’ various body parts. Of course not. When you’re not at work, you’re at home caring for your children or simply enjoying a good novel. Us too.

Wink wink.

Not that we have any reason to be relieved because we never, ever frequent nightclubs, but word is out that although the clubs’ Las Vegas parent company, Prive Vegas, LLC, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy a few short weeks ago, both clubs will still be open while the parent reorganizes.

Apparently, the clubs were cited for three violations last year, including topless dancing. Just this past summer, their liquor license was revoked. Since then, new managers have stepped in, and while police investigate their backgrounds, the clubs are operating under a temporary liquor license.

Not that any of that is relevant to us, of course. We’re just a couple of Las Vegas bankruptcy attorneys hoping to broadcast some Las Vegas bankruptcy information.

Nudge nudge.

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