Improving Your Credit Score After Bankruptcy

You may believe that bankruptcy will pose issues for you especially in your credit score.  Unknowingly, this belief can be reversed if you know how to handle post bankruptcy life as this will be your chance for a fresh start and for your credit score to improve. What is a Credit Score? You may be […]

How Can Filing Bankruptcy Help You Clear Your Credit Card Debt in Las Vegas?

Credit Card Debt In Las Vegas

Having a credit line available is a great tool, but it can also create a financial burden if you aren’t careful with your credit card usage.  Research shows that overall, Americans owe $807 billion across almost 506 million card accounts.  The amount will be much higher if we consider it globally. The question is: why do most […]

Should I Tell Creditors That I Plan to File for Bankruptcy in Las Vegas?


Having an overwhelming debt, an account going into collections, or having a lawsuit filed against you can be stressful.  Our Las Vegas bankruptcy and consumer protection attorneys at Freedom Law Firm are here to help. Over the past twenty years, we have helped thousands of people get out of debt.  When deciding whether to tell […]

How being creditworthy can help you?

Creditworthiness represents the likelihood of repaying your obligations and making prudent financial decisions. Credit score, negative balances, and credit usage all play a role in evaluating your creditworthiness. Creditworthiness is a metric that lenders use to determine how much they should trust you and is usually based on your credit ratings and reports. Do you […]

Celebrity bankruptcies and what you can learn from them.

Celebrity Bankruptcy

Being famous does not mean that you are immune to going broke or making bad investments. In many cases, famous people file for a Chapter 11 bankruptcy, which is comparatively less common than Chapter 7 or 13.  However, some celebrities had to file for bankruptcy due to the “ordinary-life” reasons like unmanageable credit card debt, […]