Fair Debt Collection in Nevada

The dilemma of having debts may already seem unbearable. What makes it worse is the fact that you seem to be more troubled not by the debt itself but by the unending calls or messages from debt collectors. This time, you are not only forced to face the reality of finding ways to manage your […]

Financial Stress & Mental Health: Is Debt Making You Sick?

Debt is big this year. According to the Federal Reserve, both U.S. consumer debt and consumer credit card debt hit an all-time high during the fourth quarter of 2019, the most recent reporting period. Credit reporting agency Experian says Nevada residents are carrying a significant chunk of that debt: more than $138 billion worth. We […]

When is Canceled Debt Taxable?


While a few debt resolution strategies are focused on restructuring debt, many involve cutting down the amount paid. Some examples include:  Negotiating directly with creditors to settle debts for less than the outstanding balance Debt management plans in which non-profit credit counseling agencies negotiate on behalf of a consumer to cut down debt Debt settlement […]

When a Prosecutor Acts as a Private Debt Collector

In every jurisdiction it is a crime to write a bad check with knowledge of insufficient funds. In other words, if you write a check at Wal-Mart, knowing that there is not enough money in your bank account to cover the check, and Wal-Mart believes that your check is a present payment, then you may […]