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nevada repo laws

NEVADA REPO LAWS: WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW. In the state of Nevada, repossession may be performed only by an employee of a licensed agent, and the law imposes certain additional restrictions… Read more:  REAFFIRMING A CAR LOAN IN A LAS VEGAS BANKRUPTCY. When a bankruptcy petitioner wants to reaffirm automobile loan debt, he or she must enter into a […]

What is a Repayment Plan in a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Nevada?

Chapter 13 bankruptcy repayment plan in Nevada

What makes a Chapter 13 bankruptcy unique from other bankruptcy chapters is the repayment plan.  It is a detailed document that presents how a debtor will pay off his or her debts to the creditors and how much each creditor will be paid on a bimonthly or monthly basis.  The payments are generally made to the creditors […]

Bankruptcy Case Dismissed in Nevada. What Happens Now?

Bankruptcy Case Dismissed in Nevada

As much as you tried to understand and follow the complex process of filing for bankruptcy protection in Nevada, you may find yourself in a situation where your bankruptcy case is dismissed. Now, your creditors will be able to come after you because of your debts. The question is: what can you do now? Bankruptcy […]