Freedom Law Firm Filed a Class Action Lawsuit Against Student Loan Company Navient Solutions LLC for FCRA Violations.

Freedom Law Firm filed a class action lawsuit against Navient for FCRA violations. The class representative is a Nevada resident who filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy and received a discharge. Just like most of Plaintiff’s consumer debts, her private student loans were discharged in her bankruptcy proceeding. However, Navient continued attempting to collect on the private student loan debt that was discharged in her bankruptcy. 

The plaintiff brings this class action on behalf of all other similarly situated Navient borrowers. The lawsuit established two distinct plaintiff classes—a national class and a Nevada class. 

All persons/all residents of Nevada whose “private student loans” were incurred prior to them filing bankruptcy and then these loans were subsequently discharged in their bankruptcy, but Navient has continued to collect on these debts as if the “student loans” were not discharged in bankruptcy are included in the Nevada class. 

Earlier this year, the Attorney General announced that “Navient, known as one of the nation’s largest student loan servicers, will provide relief totaling $1.85 billion to resolve allegations of widespread unfair, deceptive, and abusive student loan servicing practices and abuses in originating predatory student loans.”

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