Debt collectors are people too???

If you’ve ever had to deal with debt collectors, you may have wondered if they’re even human.  The yellling, the tenacious pestering and calling, the threatening…and those are just the nice ones.

Well NPR ran a story today where they actually interviewed a debt collector–a young college grad who has his own student loans to pay off.  It’s a great piece, the debt collector comes off very nicely and actually seems human.  He’s soft-spoken, reasonable and even feels bad for people when they really can’t pay off a debt.

Clearly this guy is not going to last in the business.

While I don’t fault NPR for doing the story, I do think there is a danger in misportraying the third-party debt collection business.  No bones about it, they make their money by being harsh and brutal and often unethical.  There may be a segment of the industry that is relatively ethical and follows the rules.  But that’s not the segment that most people are familiar with.  Especially in Las Vegas.

If you’re having problems with debt collectors, dont’ forget that you have rights and protections.

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Things are tough out there.  But so are we.

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