Debt Stress Makes Us Sick!

Are you in financial distress? Is it also causing you health problems?

A 2008 health poll by the Associated Press and AOL found that people in financial distress are more likely to report health problems, including “serious” health problems like ulcers, severe depression, and even heart attacks. Individuals reported the following health problems related to debt stress during the poll:

  • 44 percent had migraines or other headaches, compared with 15 percent of those with low levels of debt stress;
  • 29 percent suffered severe anxiety, compared with 4 percent;
  • 27 percent had ulcers or digestive tract problems, compared with 8 percent;
  • 23 percent had severe depression, compared with 4 percent; and
  • 6 percent reported heart attacks, twice the rate of those with low debt stress;

More than half, 51 percent, reported muscle tension and/or lower back pain compared with 31 percent of those with low levels of debt stress. Those individuals with high debt-related stress also reported trouble concentrating and sleeping.

This information is neither new nor surprising. In 2005 researchers at three major universities surveyed three thousand people regarding the negative effect of financial stress and found that the top three health effects of financial distress are stress, anxiety, and depression. Anyone who works with individuals in debt on a regular basis sees the negative physical effects that debt stress can have.

Financial distress can negatively impact many areas of your life including your health. Take charge of negative financial stress today and do something to improve the quality of your life. An experienced bankruptcy attorney can evaluate your situation and give you legal advice that can lead to a fresh financial start.  Call Freedom Law Firm today for a free consultation.

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