Do I Need a Las Vegas Bankruptcy Attorney to File Bankruptcy?

When people contemplating bankruptcy come to our Las Vegas office for a free consultation, we are upfront with them, and tell them that they do not need a bankruptcy lawyer in order to file a consumer bankruptcy case.

But we wouldn’t recommend it.

Why?  First of all, you will be held to the same standard that a lawyer would be held to if he or she were representing you.  That means no second chances if you file documents incorrectly, miscalculate figures under the new “means test,” or miss crucial filing deadlines.  Worse, you might end up being unable to wipe out your debt if you have no one to guide you on how to properly identify, categorize and list your creditors.  Also, you may miss opportunities to protect some of your property from being distributed to creditors if you don’t claim the appropriate exemptions.  Finally, be aware that without a lawyer representing you, you will need to represent yourself in court and at the meeting of creditors.

A successful bankruptcy filing can mean a fresh start with less debt, or even no debt.  An excellent bankruptcy lawyer is key to a successful filing.  If you live in the Las Vegas area and are contemplating bankruptcy, contact our offices at 702-903-1208 to set up a free consultation with our knowledgeable and experienced bankruptcy lawyers.  If you are calling from within Nevada, you can also reach us at 702-903-1208.  We will make sure you get the relief you need in order to get your financial life back on track.

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