Freedom Law Firm Las Vegas Foreclosure Round-up 12.22.09

As Christmas approaches, so do more foreclosure problems for the residents of our fair city of Las Vegas.  So let’s take a look at what’s going on out there in the world of foreclosure and how it’s affecting all of us.

Citi Suspend Foreclosures for 30 Days (Associated Press) – Citi Mortgage will delay foreclosure for 30 days as a sort of Christmas present.  Or perhaps just as a PR stunt.  Whatever the motivation, it is expected to help about 4,000 homeowners.  Not clear how many in Las Vegas will benefit.  Read more about it in this recent post on our blog (“Happy Holidays from the Mortgage Lenders“).

Nevada Swearing in 75 More Foreclosure Mediators (Associated Press) – On December 11, Nevada swore in another 75 foreclosure mediators for the Nevada Foreclosure Mediation Program.  That brings the total to 170 mediators.  The Nevada Foreclosure Mediation Program enables homeowners who received a foreclosure notice to request a mandatory mediation session with a representative from their mortgage lender, which is also attended by a neutral foreclosure mediator.  To learn more about foreclosure mediation and how Freedom Law Firm can help you, see the following posts from our blog.

Las Vegas Woman Victim of Foreclosure Mistake (Channel 8’s – Las Vegas resident Nilly Mauck had her condo “trashed out” in a case of mistaken identity.  The Brenkus Team from Keller and Williams Realty focuses on going into foreclosed homes, changing the locks and cleaning everything out of them.  However, they went to the wrong home, took an innocent person’s possessions and left her with a home she can’t live in.  A great example of some of the side effects of the foreclosure crisis.

Help Stop Foreclosure Las Vegas
If you’re facing foreclosure in Las Vegas and seeking good Las Vegas bankruptcy lawyers to help you figure out all of your options–from loan modification to foreclosure mediation to Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 help in Las Vegas–please contact us for a free foreclosure consultation.

We’ll answer all of your questions, make sure you get the full benefit of the legal protections available to you and help you get your financial life back in order.

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