How Can You File for Bankruptcy in Nevada if You Can’t Afford to Pay a Bankruptcy Lawyer?

Nevada Bankruptcy

Are you out of money but still need to hire a bankruptcy lawyer? You can use the following guide to determine your best bankruptcy option.

The cost of filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Las Vegas:

The $335.00 filing fee is required to file your Chapter 7 bankruptcy petition in Las Vegas. This fee may be paid in installments. You may also petition the court to waive the fee due to a hardship. For more information about the fee waiver, please visit the U.S. Bankruptcy Court, District of Nevada website: Chapter 13 bankruptcy fee is $313.00.

A Bankruptcy Trustee may charge a fee as well. In addition, you’ll be required to obtain credit counseling and take a personal financial management course.

Finally, you may file on your own or hire an experienced bankruptcy attorney. If you choose to have an attorney guide you through the bankruptcy process, you will be required to pay attorney fees.

Do you need a bankruptcy lawyer?

A Nevada bankruptcy attorney is a great – but not the only – option for anyone who wants to file bankruptcy.  

You should start by researching the bankruptcy system in Nevada if you plan to file a bankruptcy without professional help. It will help you understand the gravity of the situation and the complexity of the process. 

If, after doing your research, you believe that getting help from an experienced Las Vegas bankruptcy attorney is the most reliable and stress-free way to resolve your situation and protect your financial future, you may want to consider the following options:

Choose a pro bono attorney.

You can also choose to hire a pro bono attorney. These are professionals who offer public service by providing free consultation and legal services. However, a pro bono attorney may not be always available in your area or on your timeline.

Work with a Nevada bankruptcy law firm that offers payment plans. 

Many attorneys and law firms, such as Freedom Law Firm in Las Vegas, will work with you on designing a payment plan that suits your individual needs and your financial circumstances. Our Las Vegas bankruptcy attorneys offer affordable payment plans that allow our clients to proceed even in the face of financial hardship. 

Once you file for bankruptcy and an automatic stay will take effect, creditors and debtors will stop contacting you and trying to collect on the majority of your debts. That will free some additional resources that you will be able to use to support yourself and your family, as well as to cover a flexible payment plan that an attorney will offer you. 

Is it worth it?

Bankruptcy is often the last but necessary resort. It is a delicate and complex proceeding, and you want someone with plenty of experience to consult you and guide you through the process and help you determine the scope of the discharge.

In many cases, unless a party in interest files a complaint objecting to the discharge, the bankruptcy court may issue a discharge order relatively early in the case – generally, 60 to 90 days after the date first set for the meeting of creditors.

If you would like to find out whether bankruptcy is the right option for you, please request a call-back by submitting a short online form. All initial consultations are free and confidential.

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