Is Las Vegas Debt Stress Affecting Your Health? 4 Signs.

Dealing with debt (along with moving and starting a new job) is one one of the top life stress events. And there’s no dispute that stress does affect your health.

How do you know if your current debt situation is directly affecting your health?

1. Unexplained aches and pains and/or auto-immune reactions such as a rash or even hair falling out. Sometimes when you’re stressed you get so used to it you don’t even realize how much tension you’re holding in your muscles. Stay aware of what your body is doing, how it’s responding and any changes over time. Getting relief from debt can really change your perspective on life as well as your health status.

2. Attention deficit. Not the disorder (as in, ADD), but simply having trouble keeping your attention focused on important things such as your work. If you’re too busy worrying about creditors to the point where you’re distracted from working, then you’re also jeopardizing your primary source of income. And it’s time to seek help and seek debt relief.

3. Excessive alcohol and drug use. Drugs and alcohol are forms of escape. And if you’re facing significant debt problems, then it’s completely reasonable to have the urge to escape. What’s not reasonable, however, is letting alcohol or drugs add difficulties to your current situation. If you realize this is happening, seek some help and look into debt relief.

4. Lack of sleep. If you’re not sleeping because of the stress and worry of your debts, then you’re potentially digging a deeper hole for yourself. People simply can’t function effectively without sufficient sleep. Lack of sleep hurts your memory, your ability to think clearly and your ability to do your job effectively. All things you need to earn income and deal with difficult debt problems.

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