Las Vegas close to center of U.S. bankruptcy vortex

Nevada is number 5 on the Associated Press list of states with the most bankruptcy filings, according to an article on Las Vegas’ Fox 5 News website.  The state has 2,510 bankruptcy cases filed since March 2008, a 79% increase over the past year.

To no one’s surprise, the article cites the national recession and the collapse of the Nevada housing market as key reasons for Nevada’s high ranking.

What does this mean for an average person in Las Vegas considering options such as chapter 7 bankruptcy, chapter 13 bankruptcy or debt consolidation?

It means you’re not alone and this is not a time to feel ashamed or embarrassed.

It means if you need Chapter 7 help in Las Vegas or Chapter 13 help in Las Vegas, you want to find good bankruptcy attorneys in Las Vegas.

The new bankruptcy laws are not making things any easier for average citizens, so feel free to contact us for more Las Vegas bankruptcy information.

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