Las Vegas Foreclosures: Mortgage companies make mistakes too

If you’ve received a foreclosure notice in Las Vegas, or you’re worried about the possibility of foreclosure, your mortgage company can seem rather intimidating.  They’re big, hard to talk to and give the appearance of being infallible.

But the reality is that they do make mistakes.  And if you’re working with good bankruptcy attorneys in Las Vegas and have good Las Vegas bankruptcy information, then you’re more likely to catch them.

Bankruptcy judges are paying attention and have cited a number of these mistakes in their rulings.  Here are some of those mistakes and missteps, according to an article in Pro Publica.

Mortgage services have:
Attempted to collect unjustified fees
Charged homeowners for unnecessary insurance
Failed to properly credit homeowners’ payments
Failed to provide evidence to back up fee requests

When judges are aware of these problems, they often demand that servicers fix the problems and return money and fees to the homeowners.  In some cases, judges have awarded damages and attorneys’ fees.  And in one case, a judge awareded $750,000 in emotional and punitive damages to the homeowner.

The point is, even if things feel hopeless, you still have options.  And having an experienced Las Vegas bankruptcy lawyer on your side can make a big difference in protecting your assets.

Nevada residents can now take advantage of Nevada’s Foreclosure Mediation Program along with traditional negotiation and bankruptcy options.

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