Las Vegas Loan Modification: The right steps and the wrong result?

Does the following situation sound familiar?

You pursued a mortgage modification on your own and did all the right steps:

1. You contacted your mortgage lender when you knew you might not be able to make your mortgage payment.

2. You provided all the information and documents requested by your mortgage lender in pursuing a mortgage modification.

3. You’ve made payments in the amount requested by your mortgage lender.

Yet for some reason the mortgage lender’s collection agency is still coming after you as if the collection department and the mortgage modification department were not part of the same company. Or even worse, the collection department has passed your account on to an outside law firm, which in turn is pursuing a foreclosure action against you.

Clearly the mortgage lender is in the wrong. But you’re facing foreclosure and need to do something. What can you do to avoid getting steamrolled by this seemingly faceless entity and its broken process?

1. Try calling the Homeownership Preservation Foundation at (888) 995-HOPE (which is the Homeowner’s HOPE Hotline). HPF has trained professionals who can answer questions over the phone and it’s free.

2. Set up a free consultation with an experienced Las Vegas loan modification attorney. Freedom Law Firm attorneys know how the loan modification system works and are intimately familiar with the mortgage lenders and how they operate. If you’re having trouble working through the mortgage modification process on your own, let us help you, call us at 702-903-1354 today.

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