Nevada Foreclosure Mediation Program Has Received Over 450 Requests for Mediation So Far

Despite a somewhat misleading August 10 article in the Las Vegas Sun (“Foreclosure Crisis:  So far, few have applied for mediation“), the Nevada Foreclosure Mediation Program is now reporting that over 450 requests for mediation have been received as of August 13, according to the program’s website.

The Nevada Foreclosure Mediation Program enables homeowners who receive foreclosure notices (aka ” Notices of Default and Election to Sell”) to seek mediation under the program that was created by the Nevada Legislature effective July 1, 2009.  Such homeowners have 30 days from the day they received their notice to request a mediation session.

The program’s website also reports that the first two mediation sessions have been scheduled for September 14.  It’s apparently taken a little time to get the first hearings scheduled because training for mediators was held August 5-7 and the program was only recently able to officially appoint its first mediators.

You may recall from previous posts on this blog about the foreclosure mediation program (here, here, here, here and here) that the Nevada foreclosure mediation program is the only such program in the U.S. that enables homeowners to request a mandatory foreclosure mediation session with their mortgage lender.  In other words, Nevada homeowners facing foreclosure have access to the strongest anti-foreclosure tool available at the present time.

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Las Vegas residents are facing a foreclosure crisis greater than anywhere else in the U.S.  Anything we can all do to stop foreclosure in Las Vegas and keep people in their homes will ultimately benefit not just the homeowners but our community as a whole.

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