Step-by-step guilde to Las Vegas foreclosure mediation

How will foreclosure mediation work for you if you work with Freedom Law Firm?  And what will the process look like?

First, if you receive a foreclosure notice, you’ll contact us for a free foreclosure mediation consulation.  We’ll explain the whole process to you in person and answer any questions.  Don’t wait too long. The law requires that you request foreclosure mediation within 30 days of the date that the foreclosure notice was mailed.

Second, we’ll provide you with a request letter that we’ll then send to the appropriate party.  This letter triggers the mandatory request for foreclosure mediation and also temporarily stops or “stays” the foreclosure process for 90 days from the date of the foreclosure notice.

Third, a Freedom Law Firm attorney will work with you to select a date for the mediation that is convenient for all parties.  A date should be within 80 days of the date of the foreclosure notice.  90 days is the maximum time limit.

Fourth, your Freedom Law Firm attorney will go to the mediation session with you to meet with the mediator as well as the representative from your mortgage lender.  The mediator will be an experienced and trained foreclosure mediation professional.  They want to help you and their goal is to help the parties reach an agreement so that you can keep your home.

If an agreement is reached between you and your mortgage lender that enables you to keep your home, then the mediator will prepare a foreclosure mediation memorandum to be signed by both you and your mortgage lender.

If all goes well, then within a short amount of time you’ll be ready to keep your home and continue your life!

Help Stop Foreclosure Las Vegas
With an experienced bankruptcy attorney in Las Vegas, you’ll be empowered to take the steps necessary to keep your home and maintain control of your life.

For a free consultation or if you need any assistance from Las Vegas Bankruptcy Attorneys, or have questions about Las Vegas Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, or Las Vegas Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, or Las Vegas Debt Settlement, please call the offices of Freedom Law Firm at 702-903-1208 today.

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