T-Mobile Data Breach: Freedom Law Is Assisting Impacted Nevada Residents.

T Mobile Data Breach

Millions of T-Mobile customers may request compensation from the company after a major data breach. Freedom Law has been assisting impacted individuals who received a notice of data breach (letter/ email/ text, or in-app notification) from T-Mobile.

Nevada residents may have a claim against T-Mobile after a data breach.

A recently filed lawsuit alleges that, as the target of numerous data breaches in the past, T-Mobile knew its systems were vulnerable. Yet it failed to adapt and maintain reasonable security procedures. As a result, a data breach occurred that impacted millions of people nationwide. Information exposed in this breach included, among other things, SSNs, driver license numbers, dates of birth, and other sensitive information of millions of former, current, and prospective company customers putting them at great risk of scams and identity theft.

Why does this case matter?

Companies that collect and store sensitive information of their consumers should be held accountable for their lack of care and security protocols. And financial accountability is often the only real way to bring that message across.

How to act now:

If you received a notice of data breach from T-Mobile (text, email, in-app notification), you may request compensation from the company now. Contact consumer protection attorneys at Freedom Law Firm to find out if you have a claim.

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