You Don’t Have to be Poor to File Bankruptcy?

We’ve posted entries about wealthy people filing for bankruptcy.  And yet, people still ask us: Do you have to be poor to file for bankruptcy?

The answer is no.  The bulk of our clients consist of individuals who have been earning pretty healthy salaries.  Even with their salaries, however, they often use their credit cards for basic living expenses.  With the rising costs of housing, transportation, education and medical care, most people do the same.

Then something happens to our clients.  They lose their job. They get a divorce. Or someone becomes ill.  Suddenly, our clients realize that their monthly payments just aren’t making a dent in that pile of mounting bills.

When they come to our office, we don’t focus on their jobs or their salaries.  We focus on whether or not they have enough assets or income to cover their debts.  If not, a bankruptcy filing might be the right solution for them, no matter how high their income is.

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