TikTok Privacy Settlement: Nevada Residents Are Applying for Compensation.

TikTok Settlement Nevada

Thousands of TikTok users in Nevada may now request cash compensation from the company due to alleged privacy violations. Consumer protection attorneys at Freedom Law Firm are assisting individuals who are interested in being excluded from the class action and seeking a more significant monetary recovery in private arbitration. What happened: TikTok has recently agreed […]

T-Mobile Data Breach: Freedom Law Is Assisting Impacted Nevada Residents.

T Mobile Data Breach

Millions of T-Mobile customers may request compensation from the company after a major data breach. Freedom Law has been assisting impacted individuals who received a notice of data breach (letter/ email/ text, or in-app notification) from T-Mobile. Nevada residents may have a claim against T-Mobile after a data breach. A recently filed lawsuit alleges that, […]

Will I Have to Go to Court if I File Bankruptcy in Nevada?


Many people are uneasy about appearing in court, and other aspects of the legal system. But, the bankruptcy process is far less painful than many people imagine. In 2018, there were 7,341 Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases and 1,651 Chapter 13 cases filed in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Nevada, most of them […]